Request A Quote

How to Request an On-Demand Service.

1. Go to Create and Log-in for your business and upload each vehicle and trailer you will be using.

2.To make service requests, go to the Dropdown menu =>Payments => Add Payment Method

3.Go to => Menu => Dashboard; Choose the type of service you wish to request

4.Once in that service => “My Requests” tab, and => + Add Request

5.Manage your requests in “My Requests” ​

How it works. A General overview or Jump straight to

  • Get onboarded. Make sure you can pay, or get paid for requested services – or both
  • If you plan to provide heavy truck services – upload the trucks and trailers you plan to mobilize
  • When you get into a pinch and you need a heavy truck service – grab your mobile phone and pull up our website
  • Same thing if you find you can, and want to provide a heavy truck service
  • Log in and access your Dashboard
  • Jump to the service type of your interest – Dump, Float, or Load service.
  • Hit “Add Request" to execute a quick service request
  • Or, as a Service Provider, you can browse the all the current heavy truck service jobs posted in that offering type. Note that you can also receive notifications for all the jobs that pertain to you, your trucks and trailers
  • Service Requestors and the responding Service Providers are able to chat in private conference once job is initiated. Payment for the initial job quote is held while that portion of the job is completed
  • If all service requirements are met for the the Requestor, the job is marked complete, funds are released immediately, and the Service Provider gets paid right away
  • Alternatively, the Requestor can re-request additional hours from the current Service Provider for funds to be held in escrow, and/or request additional Service Providers
  • ​Communication between Requestor and Provider is private and discreet – while Partrunnr has agents standing on by to help troubleshoot. Ultimately, our agents strive to provide the best customer service for all parties and to ensure that future transactions are executed with even better ease and service