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Partrunnr’s Load Delivery Services can assist you in getting loads such as heavy equipment attachments and other load types like as pipes, pallets, and skids.

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Benefits for Load services (Requestors)
  • Find trucks in your area that can help you move loads like pipes, pallets, skids or attachments.
  • Manage and communicate with load service provider all on one platform
  • Rest assured load service transportation company is payed automatically upon job completion
  • Invoicing and receipts all taken care of, accounting software integration available.
Benefits for Load services (Providers)
  • Get notified when load services are needed in your area
  • Partunnr helps automate some of your dispatching and cuts down on phone calls.
  • Jobs are matched to your truck and trailer type – only pick the jobs that suit your truck and trailer setup.
  • Get paid automatically into your business account upon job completion
  • Earn commissions referring load service requests to Partrunnr
How do I request a load service?

Head over to the Partrunnr Dashboard and add a request on the Load Services Tab. Describe what you need to be transported, and fill in the pick-up and drop off information. Once your job is accepted you can communicate with the service provider via the built-in chat on the job card. You will be charged a 3-hour minimum, with subsequent charges if the service requires extra hours to complete.

How do i accept and provide a load service in response to a request?

Before you can accept a job you need to let us know where you want your earnings deposited. View Available Jobs on the Load Service Tab. If there is one in your area that your trucks and trailers can handle, accept the job, communicate with the requester as needed. Payment will be held while the job is being executed and deposited directly into your bank account upon job completion.

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